Principal's Message

Dear parents and carers,

I cannot believe that we are about to finish our third week of term three! It has certainly been a busy one as we have been undertaking our school review. We had our Validation Day on Tuesday during which the panel assessed the school’s performance against the goals and targets within the current strategic plan. Today and next Tuesday, panel members will be conducting fieldwork which involves classroom observations and staff interviews. Our final review day is scheduled for Tuesday, 8th of August. I am looking forward to shaping the new direction of the college and sharing this with the school community.


Parents/carers of Grade 3,5,7 and 9 students should have received hard copies of their child’s NAPLAN results. If you did not receive a copy, please contact the school so that we can assist you. Please take care of these documents as they are often required when enrolling in other schools. Additionally, please refer to Adele’s Compass post that provides information about interpreting NAPLAN results. I am happy to write that our NAPLAN results were strong this year and illustrate the hard work of our staff members.


We have facilitated three parent workshops this year and are planning some more! We encourage parents and carers to attend these as they provide important learnings that will help you best support your young person. We also love welcoming our parent/carer community into the college.


We are running a number of clubs during recess and lunchtime to engage our students. These include gardening, yoga, jiu jitsu, shoelace tying, junior choir, music, puzzles, board games and mindful colouring. Our breakfast club has proven to be a huge success with a large number of students attending on Thursday mornings.


On Friday 21st, we had our fourth and final Berry Street Educational Model training. We explored the topic of Character which included values. I look forward to working with the school community to review our college values so that they are reflective of the future direction of the college.

Cassandra Marinopoulos

Naidoc Week Celebrations

In Week One of this term, Timbarra students celebrated NAIDOC Week at school. NAIDOC stands for National Aborigine’s and Islander’s Day Observance Committee. The purpose of the week is to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

From Prep-Year 9, classes participated in a range of engaging activities focused on increasing their awareness and understanding of First Nations culture, history and achievements.

Some of the activities include:

  • Studying historical figures such as Eddie Mabo, David Gulpilil & Albert Namatjira
  • Writing ‘thank you’ letters to the Bunurong elders who visited our college in Reconciliation Week
  • Participating in traditional indigenous sports games
  • Learning the scientific facts of boab trees and their cultural significance
  • Tasting and cooking with indigenous foods in secondary food tech
  • Watching documentaries on indigenous perspectives in Australian history
  • Learning about flags and designing a new Australian flag
  • Taking a nature walk on Country and collecting foliage to make a bracelet

At Timbarra P-9 College, we are committed to learning about our shared histories, cultures and achievements. Our students are developing their understanding and empathy skills by responding to diversity with respect. This is an incredible achievement that we are proud of, and will continue to provide opportunities to learn about, the oldest living culture in the world.

Timbarra's Green Thumb

Did you know that gardening can help your sense of wellbeing?

At Timbarra, student wellbeing is of the upmost importance. For this reason we have implemented two exciting gardening initiatives.

The first is a recess gardening club, which kicks off every Wednesday morning. During this time, weather permitting, students from across the college have the opportunity to explore different gardening activities such as planting and weeding. This has been a very popular activity, with numerous students in attendance. Many claim that the garden is their “happy place”, and just being in the garden at this time you can sense the buzzing sense of happiness.

Additionally, a garden subject has been offered to select Year 7 students during the academy hour on a Wednesday afternoon. This class has a focus on the 12 principles of permaculture, reflecting on the how these principles can be applied not just in their garden, but also how this can help students become active global citizens. This takes place in the STEAM courtyard, with students learning tricks of the trade such as composting, mulching, worm farming and general safety in the garden.

These two initiatives tie in with many life skills students may encounter when they leave school.

As a college, we would like to acknowledge and thank Bunnings Fountain Gate for their generous support in getting us started with these projects.

If anybody in our school community has any surplus pots, soil, seeds, seedlings, tools or any other gardening related tools that they would be willing to donate, we would happily put these to good news.

We are so excited to see what blooms from these new gardening endeavours in our college.

World Cup Fever in 4P

We have had a busy week in 4P this week and have had a dose of World Cup fever!

This week we have been revisiting reading strategies such as skimming and scanning to get a general overview of a text or locate specific information quickly. We practised this skill by engaging in an activity called ‘Skim, Scan, Run’ where students had to race between the Year 4 classrooms in small groups. They practised skimming and scanning through different articles to find the answers to their questions. The Year 4 teachers loved seeing each group work so well together as a team!

Inspired by the FIFA Women’s World Cup, students used their measuring skills to calculate how far they could kick a soccer ball. The wind really didn’t help, as our recording sheets kept flying across the oval!

Students took part in wellbeing rotations and practised working as a team to complete different challenges. They enjoyed working with a partner or as a whole class to build a tower of cups by only using an elastic band to move them and keeping multiple balloons afloat at the same time.

Secondary Food Technology

This Semester, Food Technology students have been busy in the Timbarra kitchen!

Year 7’s have made Mi Goreng and Falafels which they loved. They are looking forward to making fried rice, sticky date pudding and creating their very own stir fry!

Year 8 students have tested out Indigenous flavoured chips and spreads and are looking forward to creating and making their own pizza, big mac tacos and sushi.

Year 9 students this Semester will be getting ready to participate in the barista course run by The Angliss at Timabrra on site. They also have been creating and enjoying their own dishes including, meatball subs, churros with chocolate dipping sauce and lemon meringue cupcakes!

It is great to see all students in the kitchen creating some wonderful dishes and enjoying their foods!

The Latest from 5M!

Year 5 Camp

9th – 11th August

What are students of 5M most looking forward to?

Spending some quality time with some of my friends. Mason

Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love my food. Bailey

Sharing stories with my friends in my cabin group. Levi

Getting away with friends and a bit of a break from my sisters. Jack

Gold panning with my friends. David

Spending my money at the lolly shop. Clare

Playing with all my friends outside of school and playing some olden day ten pin bowling. Annika

Finding some gold nuggets. Layla

Being a part of such a special event in their primary school journey. Mr McLaughlin


Year 8 and 9 students have enjoyed learning the fundamental principals of Photography whilst also gaining skills in Adobe Photoshop on the iMacs. Year 9 Photography students attended an Essence of Melbourne excursion in Melbourne's CBD at the end of Term 2. All students enjoyed practicing their photographic skills in the CBD.

Breakfast Club

Timbarra College is proud to offer Breakfast Club for students across all year levels from Prep-Year 9. Operating every Thursday morning from 8:30am, staff members will prepare and serve toast, fruit and milk while students sit at tables and engage in positive social interactions with their friends.

Having breakfast has a positive impact on factors such as physical and mental health, social skills, concentration, behaviour, attendance and academic outcomes.

The Timbarra Breakfast Club has a friendly and fun atmosphere and is a terrific way to start your school day. Everyone is welcome! Looking forward to seeing you there each Thursday morning!


OSHC Phone Number: 9705 7400

OSHC Hours: Before: 7am – 8:45am After: 3:10pm – 6:30pm

Vacation Care Hours: 7am – 6pm Curriculum Day: 7am – 6pm

*If our phone is unattended, please leave your booking or cancellation on the answering machine.

NOTE: We will only call you back if we are unable to take your child’s booking due to ratios, otherwise if you do not hear from us, your child’s booking in confirmed.



As our ‘Payment of Fees Policy’ states;

A child’s position will be suspended if payment has not been received within three weeks of receiving their invoice. The suspended place will be re-activated once the invoice has been paid in full.

Please make sure you are checking your Emails. Also, if you have not received an invoice, please first check your ‘Junk Mail’ box. If it is not there, please contact us to make sure we have the correct Email address for you.

You can check all your details on your ‘Parent Portal’ at any time.

To check your Invoices, update any personal details and make sure we have the correct information at all times, this is the site you will need;

Parent Portal site:

Username: is your Email

Password: is your Mobile Number


As of Monday, 10th July 2023, the new Timbarra OSHC Program fees are as follows;

BSC: $18.00

ASC: $21.00

VAC: $40.00

Curriculum Day: $42.00

(These fees are covered by CCS (Child Care Subsidy)

NOTE: The Government has now mandated that, ‘No Cash Payments’ can be made as of: 1st July 2023


Welcome to Shalonda Lole and Ellen Fisher who will be working with us in OSHC.

Shalonda is currently doing her Diploma in School Age Care and Ellen is a qualified Educator, so please introduce yourselves and get to know them. They are a great addition to our team. 


Anaphylaxis Management Policy, Asthma Policy, Diabetes Management Policy, Epilepsy Management Policy, Head Lice Policy, Health & Safety Policy, Mobile Device Usage Policy, Safe Transportation Policy, Adventurous (Risky) Play Policy, Child Protection Policy (VIC), Furniture & Equipment Safety Policy, Snake Awareness Policy, Bullying, Discrimination & Harassment Policy, Dealing with Complaints Policy (Families), Dealing with Complaints Policy (General) & Social Media Policy

NOTE: All Policies are available at the OSHC Service for parents to view and add input before the end of the review month.


4th August - National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day

7th – 11th August - Dental Health Week

14th – 18th August - National Science Week

21st – 25th August - Book Week


Lisa, Elisabeth, Ashlee, Hailey, Chloe, Shalonda & Ellen - (OSHC Staff)


Tamika Brown


Year 8 and 9 students have enjoyed learning the fundamental principals of Photography whilst also gaining skills in Adobe Photoshop on the iMacs. Year 9 Photography students attended an Essence of Melbourne excursion in Melbourne's CBD at the end of Term 2. All students enjoyed practicing their photographic skills in the CBD.