Timbarra College P-9 creates a sense of belonging, achievement and actively promotes optimism, curiosity and responsibility. Our College values the home/school partnership as a means of promoting a culture of lifelong learning. Timbarra College P-9 offers an education to develop the whole child, by nurturing a safe, happy and supportive learning environment where everyone is valued and treated with respect. An emphasis on achievement through the utilisation of teaching and learning approaches that maximise individual student learning styles and potential in all areas of life. Through the development of a supportive and encouraging learning environment the students are prepared to take responsibility for their own learning and empower students to work towards achieving their full potential. At Timbarra College P-9 we create an environment in which students’ resilience is strengthened so that they develop into confident, competent and caring individuals capable of lifelong learning.

Timbarra College P-9; we are the difference.


Learning, Persistence, Respect and Getting Along.

We model and demonstrate learning excellence whilst using creativity, reflection, feedback, effective organisation and higher order thinking to build confidence, expand and embed our learning.

We model and endorse collaboration, teamwork and getting along, recognising that we are stronger when we learn and work together as a learning community.

We respect ourselves, our school and one another, and understand that our attitudes and behaviours have an impact on the people around us. We respect our diverse Australian community and seek to understand and show empathy to all.

We model and demonstrate persistence, which we recognise as a means to becoming resilient and positive individuals able to contribute to and thrive in our society.