Young Warriors Music Academy

Timbarra College is pleased to announce a special music opportunity for students.

Young Warriors are bands that gig, tour, record and play professional standard performances from Term 1 each year. Young Warriors will perform regularly at a range of events and venues.

Young Warriors is an initiative of the Australian Music Association and was created to support the development of live music in Australia.

In addition to Classroom Music and the Secondary Instrumental Music Program, Young Warriors students have an additional dedicated band session per week. Students are also required to practice at home.

Students from Years 6 – 9 can put forward an Expression of Interest to be in this program. There is a limited amount of students that can participate (30).

The Head of Young Warriors Academy is Matt Di Nardo who, together with the music staff, will ensure Timbarra Young Warriors practice and perform music to a high standard while having a whole lot of fun.

Matt has been a musician for over 13 years, devoting his life to learning, practicing and performing music. Having played in many original rock bands, Matt has gained experience with many artists which includes composing, recording and performing songs which have been played on Triple J and Channel 10’s ‘Offspring’.

In recent years, Matt has stepped out from behind the drum kit, becoming a multi-instrumentalist and starting his own band, for which he is the singer/songwriter/guitarist. Matt has been a part of over 25 different theatrical productions, whether it be on stage or in the pit. Matt is an adaptable musician, having played for over 16 different musical productions in 2018-2019 including ‘Legally Blonde’, ‘Wicked’, ‘American Idiot’ and ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’.

Instinctive - What Must I Do

Music Academy students from Timbarra College P-9 performing a an original song, "What Must I Do".

Cut The Chord - Bingo the Dingo

Music Academy students from Timbarra P-9 College performing an original song titled "Bingo the Dingo".

Anchor - Collide

Music Academy students from Timbarra P-9 College performing an original song titled "Collide".

Five Point Five - River

Music Academy students from Timbarra College P-9 performing a cover of River by Bishop Briggs.

Music Academy Expression of Interest

Selection into the Music Academy

All students enrolling into the Music Academy at Timbarra P-9 College will be required to complete an audition in front of the Music Department staff. Auditions for the Music Academy run at the beginning of each year.

Expectations and requirements to remain in the Music Academy Program

  • Uphold Timbarra’s core values of learning resilience, persistence, respect and getting along.
  • Remain committed to participating in weekly instrumental music lessons and Young Warriors rehearsals.
  • Participate in all incursions and excursions organised by the College.

Opting out of the Music Program

The Music Academy is a competitive program and students are expected to pursue this program throughout the academic year. A student wishing to opt out of the program will be asked to submit a letter, signed by a parent or guardian, stating their intentions to withdraw from the program and attend a parent/teacher exit interview.

Please note that all of the information provided within this form is used for the sole purpose of Timbarra P-9 College Music Academy.

If the student is accepted into the music academy - in what year level will they be?
What instrument(s) does the student currently play?