Timbarra College P-9 has a strong focus on academic achievement particularly in the areas of English, Science, Maths and using technology as a key learning tool. We offer a comprehensive range of subjects to provide a sound foundation in each of the learning disciplines.

We engage students in the learning process, challenge them to take responsibility for their own learning, and encourage them to strive for personal excellence. We strive to cater for the needs of students across the entire ability range by providing opportunities to highly academically able students as well as learning support programs.

The curriculum is systematically designed using the Australian Curriculum. We offer a comprehensive array of subjects, including an extensive selection of electives, as well as a variety of specialist programs across Years 7-9. Every learning space is equipped with advanced technology. Our new school facilities support the provision of contemporary learning and teaching practices.

Our curriculum is organised under four broad areas:

All subjects are intergrated with ICT


Humanites Programs
(Geography & History)


Food Technology
The Arts



Fit for Life

Physical Education


Our High Achievers Program focuses on academic achievement especially in English, Maths and Science, incorporating effective learning approaches for high achieving students through special enrichment programs.


A Timbarra College P-9 education involves more than the classroom. Our co-curricular program provides many sporting and cultural opportunities to promote a balanced, healthy lifestyle, high levels of self-esteem, social-emotional development and social interaction.

We encourage participation in a wide range of social and recreational activities such as music, drama, debating, public speaking and other cultural opportunities provided.

Learning Centered Schools

The learning environment at Timbarra College P-9 will be:

  • Open, flexible and adaptable

  • Connected to the external environment

  • ICT resource rich

  • Environmentally sustainable

  • Equipped with modern, changeable and flexible furniture

Timbarra College P-9 is an exciting place to learn, teach and visit!

The Year 9 Experience

Our Year 9 Program continues to incorporate a strong academic focus in English, Maths and Science and supports students to take responsibility for their own learning; to demonstrate leadership and initiative; to develop their unique talents and explore their personal interests. We utilise our purpose built facility to employ active learning strategies and we include a series of integrated project based units.

The Year 9 Program offers:

  • A strong academic focus on English, Maths and Science.

  • Access to 13 different elective subjects.

  • Specific Year 9 city experience that takes students beyond the school.

  • A Year 9 Transition Program (commencing in Term 2) that includes opportunities for students to experience programs and practices at other local Secondary Colleges.

  • Separate Year 9 homerooms and with a strong focus on strengthening students’ leadership skills.

  • A strong focus on sport will be retained.