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The Journey

Timbarra P-9 College has been providing the community with a unique educational facility since 2011. We cater for the middle years of schooling and prepare students for their final years of secondary education. 

The educational journey at Timbarra College P-9 draws its inspiration from the firm foundations that were established 
in the year 2000 when Timbarra Primary School was initially opened. In response to a strong community desire for a secondary education opportunity, the school council, community and staff worked collaboratively to establish our Year 7-9 Campus. 
Significant funding was provided to ensure that the College reflected current exemplary practices in state of the art learning spaces. The Secondary Campus became operational at the beginning of 2011 with its inaugural Year 7 students accessing contemporary learning and sporting facilities. 

In 2017 we launched Timbarra's Sports Academy, which is open to students in Years 5- 9. All students who are selected for this program participate in a Sports Science program - Iron Tribe, which is a professionally structured program aimed at developing body control and awareness, reducing susceptibility to injury and improving overall performance. Students can choose to specialise in one of four sports; Basketball (Casey Cavaliers), Netball (Inspire Sports Group), 
AFL (Nathan Scagliarini) and Soccer (Lou Kastner). 

In 2017 the Young Warriors Music Academy welcomed students Years-9 who have a love and passion for music. It is an initiative of the Australian Music Association and was created to support the development of live music in Australia. Young Warriors are rock bands that gig, tour, record and play professional standard performances. Prospective students complete an expression of interest form and those selected participate in an extra band session a week. 

2021 culminates with the building of our purpose-built STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Academy, which will allow all students to experience a wide range of integrated and exciting technologies. Students in Years 7-9 who have a special interest and a commitment to developing their STEAM skills can complete an expression of interest form for consideration to be accepted into the STEAM Academy in 2021 which will challenge and extend their expertise in this area. 

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