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Currently there is acceptance that our society must embrace sustainability and environmental responsibility. This is a core component of Timbarra College P-9.

Our new facilities reflect current understandings in the design principles of sustainability. The design of our school incorporates energy efficient design principles such as:

  • Natural ventilation/cross ventilation

  • Balancing thermal mass for passive heating/cooling

  • Solar orientation to maximise solar access and design

  • Water wise garden planting

  • Maximum use of natural products

  • Maximum use of natural light.

Across Years P-9 students are engaged in a range of programs and activities that provide them with the opportunity to understand and respond to sustainability issues. In Year 5-8 students are involved in school based projects that incorporate their home room and inquiry based projects.

At Year 9 students participate in a community project that incorporates elements of sustainability and environmental studies.

Our Goal

That all members of the Timbarra community become ambassadors for a sustainable future.

We are a learning community that promotes exemplary environmental practices. We incorporate values of respect for our environment; responsibility for actions that reduce environmental impact and a trust in each other to do what is right for the sustainability of our world.

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