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School Coucil

School Council comprises of parents, staff and co-opted members.  Timbarra P-9 College has a 9 member council.  Meetings are usually held once a month at the school.  Notice of meetings will be in the newsletter.  Parents/guardians and staff are welcome to attend.  Parents/guardians, staff and community members are welcome to participate in our committees and working parties.


School council is responsible for: –

  • The formation of school policy within the Department of Education and Training (DET) guidelines.

  • The maintenance and cleaning of buildings and grounds.

  • The financial management of the school’s resources and the accountability of these to the school community and DET.

  • The promotion of the interest of the school.

  • Reporting to the school community.

  • The employment of non-teaching staff.

  • The development of the school’s facilities and their use by others.

Professor & Students
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