To complement our unit on ‘Growing Caring Kids’, we have organised an incursion from the Responsible Per Ownership Program, on Friday 25th August, 2023.

The students will be participating in a guided 40 minute session, highlighting the diverse needs of pets and how we should act when meeting them for the first time. This incursion will develop student understanding of our IBL topic and provide further information on the needs of living things. Students will remain onsite for this incursion and the classroom teacher will be present the entire time.

There is no charge for this incursion, however parent permission is required due to a dog being part of the presentation.

As this is an integral part of our Inquiry Based Learning unit on ‘Growing, caring kids’, we look forward to all students participating in this incursion.

This incursion will be held in classrooms and will be for the cohort. If your child is frightened of dogs, please contact your classroom teacher prior to the event so we can support them as best as they can to participate.

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