To support our students to build their capacity in emotional wellbeing, we are having Life Education sessions at school in Term 4. There will be no cost to families for the Life Education sessions - the school will be covering all of the costs involved.

Life Education delivers health and wellbeing education through an engaging and interactive program, delivered in the school library.
It provides students the opportunity to develop strategies and practice the skills required to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Lessons are age-appropriate, and the students will be covering a wide range of health-related topics, ranging from developing friendships, resilience, pro-social behaviors and cyber safety.

Healthy Harold, the much loved Life Education giraffe mascot is always a hugely anticipated element of the visit. He will visit all of the primary students in their learning areas on the afternoon of Friday 1st December. The sessions are always fun, interactive and really extend and develop the children’s understanding of the topics covered. We will be further broadening these topics in class both prior to and after the visit with the student activities.

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