We are pleased to announce and invite you to our second Biennial Primary Art Show.

The aims of the Primary Art Show are to increase:

  • the profile or presence of Visual Arts in the College
  • student engagement in their learning
  • students’ learning through high expectations required for a public audience
  • students’ communication skills
  • the building of school pride
  • students’ sense of belonging to their school community.
  • the activation of student voice and agency or leadership
  • students’ self-confidence

It will take place this term in Week 6 on Wednesday August 16th from 3.15 - 4.15 pm. Every student will have at least one piece of artwork displayed. This year’s title is ‘Framed’ with the main theme of portraits from various artists, styles, countries, cultures and times.

The Year Prep - 4 artworks will be on display in the foyers and corridors of their own classroom building. The Year -6 artworks will as the Learning Common. To allow easier flow of foot traffic, entry will only be via the double glass doors either side of the primary toilets and at the eastern end of the Learning Common. Please do not enter or exit via any single doors to avoid congestion. Signage will be displayed as a reminder.

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