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Digital Technology

Students at Timbarra P-9 College are provided with access to a wide range of technologies as tools for learning such as:

  • Computers both PC and Mac,

  • IPads,

  • Digital cameras and flip cameras,

  • Netbooks,

  • Wireless internet.

Students are given opportunities to use technology to access information, work on research projects, develop higher order thinking skills, as well as to present their work using multimedia and other software tools.

All Students participate weekly in multimedia sessions in our Multimedia Resource Centre. During these sessions, students learn specific ICT related skills. These skills include creating, editing and saving documents, uploading and editing pictures as well as developing research skills.

Cyber safety

Cybersafety is an important aspect of life with technology.  Lessons on cybersafety are embedded into our curriculum. Our school is working towards becoming an eSmart school.  This program was developed by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and aims at educating teachers, students and the community about the benefits, risks and ultimately how to stay safe online.

Parent Online Cyber safety Resources

The eSafety website developed by the Australian Government is your one stop site for all information about online safety and how to educate yourself and your child in staying safe online. Topics include cyber bullying, inappropriate content, online grooming, educational videos and lots more.

Acceptable Use Policy

All students in Year 5-9 are required to sign an acceptable use form at the beginning of the school year.  This form is signed in conjunction with discussions at school and at home about what is appropriate use of technologies at school.

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