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Bike/Ride to School

Bikes – For students Year 3 to Year 6 only

Students from Year 3-6 are permitted to ride their bike to school provided they have read and signed a Bike Pledge. This pledge ensures that students whom ride to school are aware of the expectations to ensure the safety of themselves and of others.

Parents are asked to ensure their child knows all the road rules and can ride their bike safely before bringing it to school. Students are not permitted to ride their bikes in the yard before, after or during school times. For safety reasons students are to go to the bike rack area via the designated areas. Students are not to play around the bike rack area. It is a school rule that bikes/scooter/skateboards and rollerblades are not to be ridden in the school grounds during school hours, or when the grounds are being used.

Students may bring a Scooter to school, however, they must wear a helmet and
walk it through the school grounds. Please note state law makes helmets compulsory
for scooter riders

Law now states that all cyclists must wear an approved bike helmet when riding a bicycle. Students from year 3 up are able to ride their bikes to school. Naturally if children wish to ride their bikes to school a helmet must be worn correctly.

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