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About Timbarra P-9 College

Committed to Education

Timbarra P-9 College is a coeducational government school committed to the development and implementation of innovation teach programs and learning strategies which maximise the learning outcomes of students. The school aims to nurture a safe, happy and supportive learning environment where everyone is valued and treated with respect. There is an emphasis on achievement through the utilisation of teaching and learning approaches that maximise individual student learning styles and potential in all areas of life.

The school community believes that educational experiences must match the child’s developmental stage, whilst promoting growth and further learning. Active student participation in their own learning is encouraged by building on students’ previous experiences, interests and talents. Through the development of a supportive and encouraging learning environment the students are progressively prepared to take responsibility for their own learning.

The school aims to foster in each student the development of:

  • Positive self-esteem and independence in learning

  • Confidence to strive for personal best and excellence in learning

  • A sense of individual and collective pride in striving for continued improvement

  • Self-discipline, adaptability and flexibility to function in a changing society

  • Appreciation of the physical, social and cultural diversities in society

  • A sense of responsibility and ownership towards their own learning

The school community has a strong commitment to student wellbeing. Through this commitment, the students:

  • Develop a sense of self-worth

  • Are encouraged to accept responsibility for their behaviour and choices through positive reinforcement and the teaching and learning of social skills and strategies

  • Develop an awareness that there are logical consequences for behaviour choices

  • Develop the ability to live and work cooperatively

At Timbarra P-9 College we are creating an environment in which students’ resilience is strengthened so that they develop into confident, competent and caring individuals capable of lifelong learning.

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