The Journey

2011 marked the expansion of Timbarra Primary School to become a P-9 College. It provided the community with the opportunity to establish a unique educational facility which caters for the middle years of schooling and prepare students for their final years of secondary education.

At Timbarra College P-9, education is a journey that draws it’s inspiration from the strong foundations that were established in the year 2000 when Timbarra Primary School was initially opened. Timbarra Primary School is now well established and positioned to meet a strong community desire for a secondary education. During 2009 and 2010 the school council, community and staff worked collaboratively to establish this new entity.

Significant funding was provided to ensure that the College reflected current exemplary practices in state of the art learning spaces. The Secondary sector became operational at the beginning of 2011 with its inaugural Year 7 students accessing contemporary learning and sporting facilities.