Our literacy program aims to develop the ability to think, listen, speak, read and write in our students. It enables students to view a wide range of texts with enjoyment and purpose in a variety of contexts. At Timbarra P-9 College we believe that:

  • Literacy is learnt through an approach where thinking, speaking, listening, reading and writing are inter-related
  • Literacy will develop through active and meaningful use of language
  • Literacy is an integral part of all areas of the curriculum

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development literacy strategy incorporates a daily focussed literacy session with a reading and writing block. Children with similar needs are grouped for instruction. Structured lessons operate incorporating whole grade, guided reading groups, learning centres and share time. Students are assessed frequently to ensure teaching is at the point of need.

We are fortunate to have a committed parent community who support our teachers and children by providing assistance in the classroom to help develop our children’s learning. Our parent helpers play a vital role in the successful implementation of our strong classroom literacy programs and our home reading program. We ask that parents who help out in the classroom undertake the “Classroom Helpers” course which operates each year to support parents who help in the classroom and at home.